Sarking xR

Extra R-value Reflective roof and wall insulation

Sarking xR XHD

Features and Benefits

  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • The all-round weather barrier for your home
  • Superior strength, puncture resistant
  • Water and Air Barrier, Class 2 Vapour Barrier
  • Innovative low-glare, high IR reflection ink technology
  • Low Flammability, suitable for all BALs in bushfire-prone areas

Bushfire Attack Levels

Complies with AS 3959-2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas for use in all BALs.

Seek independent advice regarding the selection of sarking prior to installation in the BAL design.

Product Details

Product Details
SilverSark xR Heavy Duty 
Nominal Thickness: 0.12 mm
Code Dimensions
TSHD-XR-81 1350 mm x 60 m (81 m²)
TSHD-XR-45 1500 mm x 30 m (45 m²)


SilverSark xR Extra Heavy Duty 
Nominal Thickness: 0.17 mm
Code Dimensions
TSXHD-XR-81 1350 mm x 60 m (81 m²)
TSXHD-XR-45 1500 mm x 30 m (45 m²)
Total System R-Values
Specification Notes

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