Ametalin ThermalBreak® Strips

R0.25 Thermal Break Strip

For use in residential steel-frame constructions where R0.2 thermal break is required

Ametalin R0.25 ThermalBreak Strip_TBSTRIP-432750_02_1024 x 768px

Features and Benefits

  • Exceeds R0.2 thermal break in-situ as required by the NCC
  • Compression resistant, provides a firm base to install to
  • Easily cuts to any desired length or shape
  • Self-adhesive backing for fast, easy installation
  • Creates a natural drainage plane for moisture to escape
  • Enhances the energy efficiency and breathability of the system
  • Termite, mould, and mildew resistant

Product Details

Product Details
Code Dimensions Nominal Thickness
TBSTRIP-432750 43 mm x 2750 mm (Folded form 1375 mm) 12 mm

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