Sarking XHD

Reflective roof and wall insulation

Sarking XHD

Features and Benefits

  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • The all-round weather barrier for your home
  • Superior strength, puncture resistant
  • Water and Air Barrier, Class 2 Vapour Barrier
  • Low Flammability, suitable for all BALs in bushfire-prone areas

Bushfire Attack Levels

Complies with AS 3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas for use in BAL – LOW to BAL – FZ building construction.

Seek independent advice regarding the selection of sarking prior to installation in the BAL design.

Product Details

Product Details
Code Dimensions
TSXHD-72 1200 mm x 60 m (72 m²)
TSXHD-90 1500 mm x 60 m (90 m²)
TSXHD-81 1350 mm x 60 m (81 m²)
TSXHD-45 1500 mm x 30 m (45 m²)
TSXHD-40 1350 mm x 30 m (40.5 m²)
Total System R-Values
Specification Notes

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