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New Trade Select’s™ CeaseFire®

Trade Select™ CeaseFire®Non-combustible

This is a must-watch for anyone interested in building fires.

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Australia’s climate presents a range of harsh weather conditions and unique challenges to buildings. Fire safety in particular is of critical importance to Australians. In recent years improvements in weatherproofing have led to more humid internal environments, and therefore the need to ensure that vapour generated by people and indoor activities can escape.

The National Construction Code therefore mandates that membranes in multi-storey buildings be fireproof, waterproof, and in cooler climates, vapour permeable.

Until now, no building wrap has met all three criteria. Trade Select™ CeaseFire® is the first – and only – product on the market to tick all three boxes, not only in Australia but around the world.

Designed for use in multi-story residential and commercial buildings, Trade Select™ CeaseFire® will not burn – which means that it cannot contribute to fire spreading between tenancies via the building facade, as in London’s Grenfell Towers and Melbourne’s Lacrosse Building.

A non-combustible fiberglass substrate is impregnated with a fireproof polymer which prevents the passage of liquid water while still allowing water vapour to escape freely.

Trade Select™ CeaseFire® not only meets but vastly exceeds the current requirements of the National Construction Code for non-combustible construction – a technical breakthrough that will pave the way for stricter fire regulations and safer Australian buildings.